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Evening Visitor

The low light at dusk created unusual pictures.

It added movement, more movement than the deer actually made.

I couldn’t tell if it had its eyes on me, or if it ignored me as it ate.

Parts of this deer became almost transparent from the camera movement as it ate. (All these pictures were taken of the same young deer.)

No, it wasn’t raining, like it looks in the picture. I couldn’t hold the camera still enough to get more realistic pictures.

My fingers are crossed, hoping the deer will return.

Open To Suggestions

I was rearranging rocks one morning and found this egg sac attached to the underside of a rock.


The whole egg and “shell” measured less than 3/8 inch.


One side of it broke lose from the rock and flipped over.

One side was more transparent than the other.

I’ve never seen one before.

I have no idea how it was made and then have the egg on the inside.

If anyone knows anything about this curiosity, I’d appreciate hearing from you.