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Backyard Perch

The pair of groundhogs raised a family of four under our barn. I’m not seeing all of them now, so I’m wondering if the young ones have dispersed?


This was the first time I’ve seen a groundhog on the


“platform” the red foxes used regularly when they lived under the barn late last winter.


The groundhogs raised four this summer.


The vixen and four kits usually stayed outside and near the barn; the male hunted for food.

IMG_4713 blog

Buffy took a dim view of any others living in her territory!

It will be interesting to see who lives where next year.

The Foxes Are Baaack!

… and I hope they’re here to stay, at least for a few months.


Buffy and I were in the backyard earlier this morning, and she didn’t act like the foxes were under the barn.


 There’s an old strip pit behind our house, and I suspect they have a den there too.


 I take all the fox pictures from inside the house because of the layout of our backyard.


Obviously, this is the female (vixen). Notice the slight “baby bump.”


She got back up on their observation platform and napped before going back under the barn.