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New Year’s Yard Walk-About

The sky cleared this morning, and light rain and snow are expected later this evening.

IMG_5167 red

The thought “yard walk-about” had me heading out the door. This milkweed seed obviously stood out where it was stuck to the ice in the water garden. I knew it wasn’t from the butterflyweed that grows in my butterfly garden. They released their seeds months ago.

IMG_5153 crop red

Ripples in the ice created interesting shadow designs.

IMG_5160 crop red

IMG_5161 crop red

IMG_5163 crop red

Feeding immature leaf miners left designs on this leaf.

IMG_5183 red

This climbing milkweed (Amplelamus albidus) is considered a pest. Monarch butterflies will occasionally nectar on its small white flowers, and will lay eggs on the leaves late in the season.

IMG_5191 red

Squirrels occasionally visit our yard. It stayed frozen on the limb of the elm tree, and hurried toward the trunk when I started walking.


I might just have to do another yard walk-about this afternoon too.

If I remember right, there’s a law against doing housework on New Year’s Day.

Emerging Dragonflies


IMG_0095 red

My small water garden can be a hub of activity at times.

IMG_0059 crop red

I generally do a search for frogs. This particular morning in late May, I just happened to be there at the right time to find 3 dragonflies emerging.

IMG_0056 crop red

Their color changed as they dry.

IMG_0089 crop red

I went out 3 times in 1 1/2 hours to take pictures. This means I made loops of the water garden in both directions to take them … and had me thoroughly confused when picking out pictures for this blog.

IMG_0104 crop red

This one worried me because its abdomen wasn’t straight.  .

IMG_0114 red

I figured that it would straighten as it dried. 

IMG_0068 red

IMG_0085 crop red

IMG_0086 crop red

IMG_0089 crop red