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Blackbirds Everywhere

When Buffy and I hike at my rural property, we go down by the highway and come home through the country. Coming home is 5 miles longer, but it has more scenery and increased chance of seeing wildlife.

I came around a sharp corner and there was a cut corn field busy with blackbirds.

The iridescent heads are common grackles. These flocks also include red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds and sometimes rusty blackbirds. The rusty’s call sounds like a squeaky wheel.

They filled the trees behind me. They rose in flocks, in a wave action and settled back down.

It was like a symphony of movement.

No area was ever still. There were a lot more birds than the pictures show.

There was constant chatter in the trees behind me and “whooshes” when the flocks took flight.

In the winter, we have flocks that are miles long. Their dark swarms “wave” across the landscape.