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Afternoon Clouds!

Recent weather patterns created dramatic clouds …

IMG_7872 red

deciding which way to blow.

IMG_7890 red

leaving a trail to follow.

IMG_7851 red

a bird taking flight.

IMG_7861 red

 framing a waxing moon.

IMG_7874 red

   modified flying carpets.

IMG_7880 red

following the sun.

IMG_7894 red

the cloud’s spreading tail.

Backyard Hooting!

It’s been years since I’ve sat and listened to young owls hooting.

Tonight … in my yard … were 3 young great horned owls hooting! This was a rare occurrence.

Barred owls are one of my absolute favorite things.

I must apologize for the quality of these two barred owlet pictures. They were taken about 15 years ago in the woods across from my rural property. The only way I could get them in the blog was to take pictures of the pictures in my computer. They are the only owl pictures I have (plus others taken then).

IMG_7557 red

The nest was in a dead tree with the top broken off. There were 3 owlets.

IMG_7563 red

I set up a pup tent for a blind. I could also watch them from the road in my blazer, with my spotting scope mounted on the window. I even watched an adult twice bring a snake. When the owlets climbed to the top of the broken tree, there was no place to go but down. They all survived. I heard them in the vicinity for a few weeks.


Buffy and I tent camped one night with a full moon (not connected to the above story). The owl family started hooting. They were all around us. Buffy just sat there, looking out the tent (had rain flap off and all windows open). We sat there, side by side, listening to the owl conversation around us. The young ones didn’t have the rhythm or volume right. It was such a special time!

IMG_7540 red

I took this picture of the waxing moon before I came in the house. I didn’t want to hurt its feelings by spending all my time concentrating on the owls.

Royalty Philosophy

I want to share my “royalty philosophy.” After my daughters and one son left home, I realized I was the only female in the house, and that made me the “queen.” The queen believes in treating the queen like a queen.  I don’t flaunt being royality. I just pamper myself in little ways.

This is usually in subtle ways that go unnoticed by others. Anything that feels like a treat, anything to make me feel special, even pampered.  Basically, I take a little time for myself and do what I want to do. It could be a chocolate malt on a hot afternoon, a long soak in the tub, sleeping little longer in the morning, or watching a sunset.

I took a few minutes after breakfast to sit outside and enjoy the sunny day with its cool breezes. A dove coo’d. A cardinal repeated “cheer, cheer, birdy, birdy, birdy.” A woodpecker drummed in the distance, and a bluejay squawked. And one of my favorites, the white-throated sparrow, gave its melodious song. Birders put words to it: “On Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody.”An eastern phoebe repeated its name. Redwing blackbirds gave “o-ka-lee” calls from a nearby pond. A chipping sparrow repeated rapid “chips.” The trees were in various stages of leafing. An orange sulphur butterfly flitted about.

Money plant

After one more casual glance around, I started working in the garden. I felt energized after being treated to such a pleasant spring morning. These blooms on money plant caught my attention and seemed appropriate for a picture here. I thought I might as well manifest wealth too.

After such a nice morning and a relaxed productive day, “her majesty” decided to sit outside with the first-quarter moon. I went out in the backyard in the last light of dusk. Our backyard faces east and isn’t the best for viewing an overhead moon. The moon comes up roughly an hour later every night, putting it lower in the east every night.

A waxing first-quarter moon and Venus lower to the right

A bright planet shone to the north of the moon, and a fainter planet was below it. It was still light enough that the stars hadn’t started shining yet. Then looking around I found another planet to the south– reddish and assumed it was Mars. Crickets were the only noise makers.

I hurried in and looked up planets for today online (yesterday, March 28) The highest, brightest was Venus with Jupiter under it. What I thought was Mars, was Mars. The website said Saturn was to rise at 8:30.  I went back out and couldn’t find Saturn. We have a pine-covered hill behind the house and to the south. It takes a while for the moon, etc to clear the hill.

Her Majesty ended her day reading in bed, drinking cup of hot chocolate.