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A Grasshopper and a ?

I usually make the rounds of my weedpatch one or two times a day, according to the weather.

IMG_7552 crop red

This grasshopper wasn’t as hidden as it thought it was. Its color surprised me when I saw it on the computer. I think it almost looks transparent.

IMG_7559 crop red

This little critter didn’t like my attention and wasn’t overly cooperative. I have no idea what kind of insect it is.

IMG_7560 crop red

I was so taken with its color combinations and trying to snap pictures.

IMG_7820 crop red

Elephant’s foot (Elephantopus carolinianus)

According to my Missouri Wildflowrs book, Elephantopus, Greek, “elephant foot” is a translation of an aboriginal name which does not explain anything. They are found primarily in the tropics and warm regions of the world.

 The florets measured 1/2 inch when fully open. The green “leaves” are actually bracts. The true leaves are lower on the 3-foot-tall, branched plant.