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After the Winter Storm

A strong winter storm went through a Friday December 6, leaving an inch of sleet, 10 inches of snow and cold temperatures.

We have a dense shrub/tree/vine border around most of the “back-back” of our two-acre yard. I suited up, and Buffy and I went out for a walk.  I photographed her foot prints, along with those of a cat, birds and deer. (A coyote crossed the yard that evening, and I added a picture of its tracks.)

A dark shape in the back caught my attention

IMG_4485 alt red

A dead mourning dove … with no sign of injury.

IMG_4538 alt red

I first took pictures of it, then followed the tracks 10 feet back to the “beginning of the end.”

IMG_4556 crop alt red

There was no sign of a “crash landing.”

IMG_4557 alt red

Its wings left long impressions in the snow.