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The Returning Groundhogs

My husband has been doing a lot of work in the back-back of our yard. He’s clearing out areas with young trees in vine tangles. I went out to see the recent progress.


The groundhogs are more tolerant of us now. This adult watched me walk past on the way back to the house. (I was out enough to use the zoom).


The first generation of young ones were tolerant too.


We also have smaller ones. I’m not sure if there’s one or two families here now. The youngest ones have lighter gray on the sides of their head.


There must be many interesting things to watch.


They are curious and cautious.


They look like their belly drags the ground when they run for the barn. They are always aware of my presence in or out of the house … and I have the impression they can see the whites of my eyes, even when I’m by the picture window.


I think they’re cute when they sit up like this and casually look around.


Busy Little Groundhogs

It’s hard to get work done with the four young groundhogs becoming more active every day.


It’s hard to get all four in the same picture. They’re all so active.


They can see me move, even with me 40 yards away in the house.


I wonder what holds their attention?


Of course there’s rabbits, squirrels, and birds to watch in the backyard.


I think this picture is just precious.


Ground Hog Family

The pair of ground hogs moved under the barn early this year. They apparently got there before the foxes, or the foxes had another den and weren’t interested.


This is one of the parents. Maybe it was taking a break from the little ones. It did this at least once a day.

What really gets me is how easily they see me in the computer room. I have to sneak into the chair. My husband says it’s 40 yards from the computer down to where their den is. (From the corner of the barn, to where the wood touches the ground.) Even the little ones see the slightest movement, and they run for the barn as fast as their little legs can go. They’re so close to the ground when they run.


Then one day, I saw a little head, and then another and another. There’s two in this picture and


two in this picture too.


I think I got caught taking this picture.


There’s a lot more to look at.


There’re two of the four young ones in this picture.

IMG_2699 crop

I used to have a pretty good size summer wildflower. It turned to a weed patch with lots of sprouting trees and thorny bushes. Two weeks ago, my husband spent three days cutting out all the dense growth. I plan to sow grass soon.

This young one’s running for one of the tunnels.


The interesting thing was the four underground dens the groundhogs had in the weed patch. The one above was by far the largest. It won’t be long and they’ll be like little lawn mowers in our backyard.

Fox Chronicles — One

I accidentally deleted all the fox pictures I took this morning. I definitely learned my lesson not to leave them in the camera.


Then I looked out the picture window after supper, and there lay a fox.


Obviously, there was no reason to hurry under the barn on such a calm beautiful evening.


The angle of the evening light made for much better pictures than those with morning or afternoon light.


 There’s no wondering anymore if the young have been born.


She must feel safe and secure here.


Until next time.

Unexpected Visitor


The last thing I expected to see roaming around my backyard was a young raccoon. Mainly because I don’t remember ever seeing one in the yard.

IMG_6497 jpg

I took the first few pictures through the window.


Then it moved around to where I could sneak out to the front corner of the barn for closer pictures.

IMG_6502 jpg

It took its time feeding  around the area and then disappeared behind the barn.

If I Could …

If I could take this tree trunk home, I would “plant” it in a prominent place in my yard.

IMG_5755 red

Besides its interesting appearance, it would probably attract wildlife.

IMG_5762 alt red

Wildlife could include birds, mammals and/or insects.  They could use it for protection from the weather or predators, a place to den, a place to raise young?

IMG_5756 crop red

It would probably have even more uses as the wood decayed.

Foxes are BACK!!!

I was talking to my best friend on the phone, came in the computer room and sat down at the computer. A little fox came out from under the barn. My speech then turned to jibberish. The card wasn’t in my camera. The camera wasn’t on the right settings. I was repeating … have no idea what.

IMG_7388 crop red

I finally managed to say “baby fox.” By that time an adult joined the little one.

IMG_7389 crop alt red

They played a little bit. The adult sensed me and looked straight at me. The young went under the barn.

IMG_7390 crop alt red

The adult, which was a male, trotted to the south,

IMG_7392 crop alt red

stopped and looked to the east,

IMG_7394 crop alt red

to the west,

IMG_7395 crop alt red

and trotted on out of the yard.

We didn’t see the fox family last year until May 9. This young looked smaller than the first ones I saw last year.

I know young foxes are called kits. For some reason I’m not inclined to call them that … maybe I’ll switch. When they’re out playing, nursing, being curious, feeding on what dad brought in, I get so engrossed, so excited … well you can see why.

 “Stay tuned.” I plan to share my fox experiences.